Old Wood at the mountain Farm

On lake Laitaures north beach, you´ll find the old mountain farm Aktse. The settlement is often called the gate to Sarek and the view into Rapa valley, with Mt. Tjahkkelij and Mt. Skierfe flanking Nammásj - one of the classic photo motifs in Swedish outdoor history.

It´s hard to keep your head and eyes to the ground and seeing the small landscape, because the surroundings can't be described with words. After some hard days in the mountains I needed to relax, but as so many times before I could not leave the tent without my camera and began exploring the valley. I've always been fascinated by old wood, its patterns colours and history.

I found an old shed nearby and these images are the result of a close study of the outside walls - if only the walls could talk!

All images - (Nikon D2X, Nikkor PC 85mm 2,8 micro, iso 100, tripod) - Aktse, Sweden, 2007

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