Image of the Month - MAY 2010

Wild horses near Bulbjerg, Denmark

Sometimes great images come right out of the blue, in this case I came driving in my car on the road to Bulbjerg and saw the horses out on the heath. I stopped the car and grabbed my camera from the seat next to me; I had an idea of photographing the horses backlit as silhouettes. Suddenly the horses began to run fast in my direction and I had to work very quick getting myself and my camera into position, but I managed to get a great series after all - thanks to my experience and the speedy autofocus of my Nikon D700 together with my favourite action lens. I really like this image a lot - it got a special feel to it.

You might ask yourself why I photographed the horses being a nature photographer, but the answer is really simple. Besides being a great motif, they are very important for the landscape and the biodiversity - without the horses the heath would disappear over time and the trees would invade the area.

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR IFED, iso 200, Handheld)

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