Nature and Culture Landscapes on Öland

Just returned from two weeks with photography and relaxation on the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea, just east of the Swedish coast.

I just love the atmosphere you find on islands, and Öland simply has everything you can desire. Between the Lighthouses “Lange Erik” in the north and “Lange Jan” in the South You’ll find long beaches, stone walls, old windmills, ancient forts, coastal wetlands, wild forests, meadows, limestone formations, Stora Alvaret (heath/moor) and lots of birds and plants. The island has a great history too and plenty of cattle, sheep and some camels. The weeks were sunny and windy, some days the weather was simply too good to make pictures and others was simply too windy and rainy, but it was a great trip after all - with excellent images as a result.

Oops, I forgot to mention that the southern part of the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site and I saw Common Crane, White-tailed eagle, Osprey and lots of Geese.


  1. Sounds like a good vacation/Photojourney. It is allways good to be able to combine vacation and photography. I have never been to Öland myself, there is a lot of this fantastic country I haven´t seen yet.


    Mullnäset, Jämtland

  2. Hi Alex

    Thanks for your comment, I highly recommend Öland for everybody interested in nature, it is a great place to make pictures and a fantastic place to enjoy life and relax.

    Sweden is a great country and many of my photo journeys have been in Swedish Lapland, Öland was a first timer for me, but I fell in Love with the place and like to come back again in the Spring.

    All the best

    Jesper Tønning