Image of the Month - JUNE 2009

Small Stream, Halerbach Haupeschbach, Luxembourg

On my Wild Wonders of Europe mission I had a whole country to cover; Luxembourg is one of the smallest counties in Europe and the Mullerthal area was my objective. La Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise (Little Switzerland) is an outstanding area in the eastern part of Luxembourg with thick mystical forests, craggy terrain, little creeks and waterfalls. WWE wants to show that Europe really is not about just highways and cities. But today, many seem to know more about nature in Africa or in America, than in Europe, because that is what’s on TV. The European natural wonders are still very little known to the World. Personally I did not expect to find a scenery like this - a wild forest like something taken out of the film Avatar.

(Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 24mm 3,5 ED, iso 200, Polarizer filter, tripod)

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