Two years with the Nikon D700

I have used a lot of cameras over the past twelve years: Nikon F90X, F100, F4s, F5, F6, D2X and a Hasselblad X-pan. Today the core of my equipment is the Nikon D700, a FX camera that can be described with two words: compact and powerful.

The Nikon D700 gave me back my confidence, since film! I somehow lost my creativity with the Nikon D2X, I simple did not like the way of seeing with the DX format being used to film cameras.

I was surprised how much I like my FX lenses again, in FX format wide angels is now more challenging to use as it is really wide now and DOF seems shallower than the DX format. The Nikon D700 has superior Dynamic Range and super clean shadows at low ISO compared to the D2X and I think the D700 has better detail and sharpness despite having the same pixel count. The D700 can shoot at full speed at 14-bit with no shutter lag. The strength of the D700 is its high ISO and I use it with great joy shooting at night or when I need faster shutter speeds - ISO 800 is my favourite setting for low light shooting, but I like the quality all the way up to ISO 3200.

I'm disappointed at the focus point coverage - It sure would have been nice had they been spread out like the D300. Nice to have 51 points, but I find myself really missing a point where I like to have an eye in portrait mode. How many focus points are too many? If a D700 replacement came out with the same point density, and just added points to cover the same area as the D300, I'd guess that would be too many and it would make it a bit slower to select the focus-point I want. (My suggestion - More cross-type focus points please)

I also don't like the 90/95% viewfinder coverage, I've always used Nikon pro cameras with 100% coverage, so it was much of a surprise when I found out that I can´t compose with super precision with the D700 without using the Live-view function, a function that I can´t live without today! - Other than that, it's just about the perfect camera!

I've had the 700 for 2 years now and this is my wishlist:

* I wish there were cross-type focus points on the sides of the area, not just the center.

* I wish the viewfinder was better. I want a D3 viewfinder in a small body and I'd give up a pop up flash for that!.

* I wish it could use the wireless ML-L3 instead of the expensive MC-30 (Why isn't this on every Nikon? ridiculous!)

* Dual CF card slot wouldn't hurt either...

* Above all, I wish the AA filter was weaker - this sensor can produce more detail!!!

A few examples of what the D700 is cable of, with the right lenses of course:

The Nikon D700 is the right tool for my kind of photography; it gets the job done and it sets my creative spirit free and lets me concentrate on what is important: "making eye-catching images".


  1. Good statement Jesper.

    Best regards

    Alex Sz.

  2. Thanks Alex

    I can absolutely recommend this camera for everyone it only have a few minor things that could be better! - I hope the next model will get a better viewfinder, I think we will soon find out!

    All the Best

    Jesper Tønning

  3. The D700 is a very impressive camera and granted the recent DX developments (D3100 and D7000), the next generation of FX bodies are sure to be spectacular.
    Interesting to see that you used the Xpan as well.

  4. And a dual card slot wouldn't hurt either...?! :)

    Would you prefer the "soon to be released"-Nikon D800 if it has more than 20MP?

  5. Hi Dennis

    Just added the Dual card slut - it will be on the next model for sure - Video. I think many action photographers will find it very useful in the field, but for landscape use I'm not missing it that much!

    It think the D700 is the most rounded camera ever made by Nikon to date. The sensor is great for low light shooting and it has great dynamic range and when you use Top lenses you get great files to work with only the D3s is better.

    If the new camera get 24MP it will not be as fast as the D700 at 14bit and low light shooting at high iso will be bad - look at the D3X at iso 800=bad.

    Personally I think 18MP would be ideal - a fast camera and low noise up to iso 3200 or more - even more rounded than the D700, but it think the D4 will have such specs and that is what I waiting for.

    ...only time will tell!!!

    All the best
    Jesper T.