Urban Nature

Wednesday morning was chaotic! the roads were so icy, it took me more than an hour to drive 10 kilometers, total traffic madness. It was the coldest night in Denmark in 23 years with minus 23° C at 0830.

This small collection of images are made on Wednesday morning on my way to work. All images are made near the old railway bridge at Gudenåen (The only river in Denmark).

Would have loved to stay out all day making pictures of the frozen Danish landscape!. The weather was perfect for making black and white images and here are a few of the shots made on this freezing cold December day.

All images: (Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 16-35mm 4,0 VR ED, iso 200, handheld)


  1. Very nice B&W conversions, especially the bridge which has a strong graphic component - ideal for B&W.
    What processing system did you use?

  2. Thanks Pasquier for your comment much appreciated!

    I always use Nikon NX2 Raw processing and used the B&W conversion in that software.

    A slow-working software that get the job done!

    All the Best

    Jesper T.