Environmental Photography Exhibition

Despite the devastating earthquake and secondary disaster, the works made by 111 photographers from 37 countries, will be exhibited at the World Environmental Photograph Exhibition in Japan this month.

The IEPA - "Photographers who love the earth" is organizing a photo exhibition from March 23, to April 7 at Ryutopia, the Niigata-city performing arts center. Each one of EIPA members work will be exhibited at the exhibition (including Jesper Tønning).

Each photograph of world's influential photographers who are conscious about environment tells us the world's environment today. The Visual Concert "Message from the Mother Nature", which is planned on April 1 as the memorial event of the exhibition, more than 800 tickets have already been sold. The event has been attracting a lot of attention from the local media and introduced on the TV and radio. And we anticipate a large number of audience for the exhibition as well.

The goal with the World Environmental Photograph Exhibition is to make us re-think our relationship with nature, in the time of environmental destruction.

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