Image of the Month - MARCH 2011

Impression of Trees
Alstrup krat, Denmark

Nature photography is more than just capturing images of beautiful things. It is also about capturing the mood and atmosphere, it's about capturing the essence of a place, rather than a literal documentation. Photography means "drawing with light" and throughout my career I have been inspired by the great Impressionistic painters.

Making use of camera movement during exposure I can make an emotional response to portray the beauty I see in Nature. I think my image of moss-covered beech trees have an organic and painterly look made possible by vibrating the camera slightly during the exposure, an effect created with camera motion only! No major post-processing has been applied beyond basic digital darkroom techniques such as levels, curves and finally colour saturation adjustments.

This technique is not new to me, but even then the effect is still hard to predict and you have to make a lot of exposures until you get it right! This classic motif was easy to visualize, but I made about 20 images before I was completely satisfied.

(Pentax K7, DA 18-55mm 3,5-5,6 WR, iso 100, handheld)

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