Memorial María Luisa - Competition catalogue

Just received the Memorial María Luisa catalogue with the Winning and Commended images of the 2010 Competition. I must say that I'm deeply impressed with the high quality of the images showcased in this book. This portfolio is Highly recommended!

"Perhaps it deals with typical factors of dimensions which by their very nature have to understand one another, for it is said that image goes beyond memory and survives its oblivion. Yet, it is also true that nothing lasts forever -as we already know - neither memory nor image, and that only through being exhibited repeatedly can it aspire to overcome the inertia that predicts its disappearance.

Moreover, if paper goes beyond image, it prolongs its life unintentionally, the aim of Memorial Maria Luisa with this catalogue is to illustrate an edition summarised in moments, those which best represent the theme of each of the nine categories submitted to the contest and also complying with the spirit in which the Competition, specifically with this 21st Edition, commemorates The International Year of Biological Biodiversity (IYB). Each of these moments is the result of selected photography, and they are only numbers, among the 11552 images which were sent to The Memorial from 49 participating countries.

It is a matter of opinions. Memories do not survive. How to keep alive forever many of those moments has not yet been discovered either. this is our modest contribution, the catalogue you have in your hands, so that these aims might be achieved". MEMORIAL MARÍA LUISA

My image of "Soft-ice at Abisko River in Sweden", made me a Finalist in the category "Mountain and nature in abstract".

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