Sandstorm at Råbjerg Mile - Day 5, part 13

A sandstorm rages over Råbjerg Mile on Day 5 and I had to cancel my plan of the day. My original plan was to walk into the inferno of sand and wind, but I got cold-feet and did not want to ruin my expensive equipment and decided to stay on the sideline. The weather was clear and sunny and it attracted people to get out and into the wild, I photo- graphed the people in the landscape, to add scale to this magnificent place. More than 250.000 tourists visit the dune every Year.

Walking into the Wind
(Nikon D700, Carl Zeiss ZF.2 100mm 2,0 T* Makro-Planar, iso 200, handheld)

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR ED, iso 200, tripod)

Family - Image 3+4+5
(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR ED, TC-14E II, iso 200, tripod)

The Råbjerg Mile Collection - Great Sand Dunes of the North Sea Coast, Denmark

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