Sperrbatterie Aalbaek Bucht - Day 4, part 11

During the Second World War, the Skagen area was heavily fortified and you find traces everywhere from the occupation (1940-1945). In the Råbjerg Mile area the Germans had many concrete bunkers at the small village of Kandestederne to the West and in the Bunken Dune Plantation to the East you'll find a fortification called "Sperrbatterie Aalbaek Bucht". The fortification had 13 concrete bunkers with heavy artillery and during the war more than 200 soldiers were posted there. Today it a bit eerie walking in the old network of German trails.

German WW2 trails, Bunken Dune Plantation

All images: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 24mm 3,5 ED, iso 200, tripod)

The Råbjerg Mile Collection - Great Sand Dunes of the North Sea Coast, Denmark

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