New Book by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation

Danmark Dejligst (Denmark Naturally) - 100 protected areas in Denmark. The new book and the following outdoor exhibition include 4 of my images.

On the occasion of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation's 100-year anniversary they published a book "Denmark Naturally" - 100 protected areas. The book is published 30th April, and followed up by a spectacular outdoor photography exhibition about Danish nature that appears at Nytorv in Copenhagen throughout the month of May.

In 100 years, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has worked to protect the Danish nature. The association's 135,000 members and 2,000 active provides an enormous effort to protect the beautiful nature in Denmark.

Denmark has despite its small size, a rich and unique nature. The book and the exhibition "Denmark Naturally - 100 conservations of cultural monuments" shows examples of the nature that we value most and which we want to show on the occasion of our 100-year anniversary," says Ella Maria Bisschop-Larsen, president of Denmark Society for Nature Conservation.

Common to all 100 locations is that they are protected and fully or partially the result of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation efforts. DN is the only private organization in the world who have the right to conserve the natural environment.

"It is a right we are proud of and it gives us an obligation to take nature's party when it most needed it. Without the thousands of advocates of nature, Denmark would have looked very different, "says Ella Maria Bisschop-Larsen.

It can only be done, creating a project like the book and exhibition because the association has thousands of volunteers who over time have been nature's ambassadors and helped to identify a unique landscape, which deserves to be preserved and protected for the enjoyment of future generations. Behind the book and exhibition stands Stine Trier Norden and Søren Rud from Life Exhibitions. They previously produced best-sellers 'Earth looks from heaven' and '100 points to remember before they disappear.

"The hope is that the book and the exhibition will inspire readers and visitors to walk out and enjoy nature, which is everywhere in Denmark. This project provide an understanding that we have a heritage that are worth, but also necessary to take care of and preserve "says Stine Norden from LIFE Exhibitions.


  1. Wow...Excellent photography.i think all pictures shot is very perfect.just natural.

  2. Thanks Rana, I think Life exhibitions and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation did an excellent job making this great book and I'm proud to say that I have been a part of it.