Vacation near Bulbjerg

Just returned from a week-long vacation in a beautiful and peaceful summerhouse near Bulbjerg in the North-western part of Jutland, Denmark.

I simply wanted to relax together with my family and I did only make photos when my mind was up for it; the weather was a mixed bag with a lot of wind and sun, only disturbed by a few hours of rain one day. The sun and the fresh air charged my batteries and I ended up making some real nice images - A most needed vacation after a busy period.

Bulbjerg is a 47 meter high limestone cliff that creates a characteristic projection on the coast of Han herred towards Jammerbugten. The core of the Bulbjerg island is limestone which is created in the ocean about 60 million years ago. The steep and inaccessible cliff is Denmark’s only bird cliff and breeding ground for close to five hundred couples of the North Atlantic seagull, Riden, which is also known as the three-toed gull. The rare fulmar can also be found breeding at Bulbjerg, however, not on the sale scale. The ocean continues to wear on Bulbjerg and therefore the entire north side towards the ocean is formed as a steep cliff. Each year there are smaller landslides and every once in a while larger pieces fall into the ocean.

This is one of my overall favourite spots in Denmark and I keep returning year after year - I just can't get enough of this magnificent place.

The bird-cliff Bulbjerg, Han Herred, Denmark

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR ED, TC-17E II, iso 200, tripod)

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