Photographing at Råbjerg Mile

For a week I have lived like an elk! up in the early hours at 0300 and out in the Scandinavian summer night, photographing in the magnificent Danish landscape at Råbjerg Mile in the Northern part of Jutland near Skagen; returning to the summerhouse at 0800 and then sleeping and relaxing the rest of the afternoon, then active again in the evening only sleeping a few hours until the next dawn patrol.

This was my second trip this year to Råbjerg Mile and you might ask what’s so special about this place, well I have always been fascinated and inspired by extreme landscapes and the migrating coastal dune Råbjerg Mile is just such a place. It's not the Namibian desert, but just as beautiful and difficult to photograph! Back in February my main objective was to make landscape images of the dune; on this trip I was mainly interested to get images of plants and fauna at this great place but ended up making some real fine landscape images of the dune as well as the surroundings.

Råbjerg Mile is the largest moving parabolic dune in Northern Europe with an area of around 1 km² and a height of 40 meters. The dune contains a total of 4 million m³ of sand and the wind moves it in a north-easterly direction up to 20 meters a year. The dune leaves a low, moist layer of sand behind it, trailing back westwards towards the sea of Skagerrak, where the Mile originally formed more than 300 years ago.

I think I've got a great and diverse collection of images with beautiful light, strong compositions in this extraordinary landscape, just a 3 hour drive from my home. I saw cranes every day, ravens, short-eared owl and many other exciting birds, insects and animals I don´t usually see back home!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these elk inspired images!

  2. Hi David, thanks for your comment!

    He he...

    I can promise you a lot of early morning, misty landscape images and late evening light!

    It has been quite hard to turn the day up and down, being most active in the evening, night and morning but its very giving!

    All the best