"A life fragment" a Danish-Israeli photo Exhibition

Normally I don't write about anything not related to my own photography on this blog, but when the Israeli embassy invite me to a unique Danish-Israeli photo exhibition, I just had to write about it here.

“A life fragment - a Danish look at Israel and an Israeli eye on Denmark” which will be opened by the Mayor of culture Pia Allerslev at the Copenhagen City Hall on August 10 at 3 PM. The exhibition is a cooperation between the Danish-American photographer Pamela Juhl and the National Geographic Award-winning Israeli photographer Leonid Padrul whose unique Dead Sea exhibition was featured at Copenhagen Main Library in 2009.

The exhibition shows Denmark seen through an Israeli camera lens and zooms in on Israel seen with Danish eyes. Leonid Padrul and Pamela Juhl have visited each others countries, the viewer is led on a visual journey through the diverse human and physical landscapes in Denmark and Israel.

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