Trapped in the Toilet

This a true story from last February and a quite unusual experience I must say. Do you ever worry that you might become trapped on a public toilet?. This happened for an elderly woman, but luckely I came by. She had to survive in one of the Earth’s most inhospitable places for more than 30 minutes.

At the time it was dead serious, but looking back I can laugh when I think about it now and I like to share the story with you. I was driving home after a photo trip in the northern part of Jutland, just before I came to the bridge over the fjord at Aggersund I saw large formations of ice piling up on the shores of the fjord. I stopped at a rest-place near the bridge and was witness to the forces of nature, the ice was moving very fast and within a few minutes a toilet building was in the way of the ice.

I soon found out that there was an elderly woman trapped in the toilet, the door was locked from the outside by a giant ice-block! In my car I had a shovel and managed with the help of a few other people to open the door a bit so the women could squeeze herself out and the story ended happily.

The westerly wind that day was very strong and the ice from the fjord was packed together, creating huge piles of ice - I was luckily enough to witness this.

All images: (Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 16-35mm 4,0 VR ED, iso 200, handheld)


  1. I must say that you were really a life savior to the lady. Being a photography passionate, I felt so excited that you witnessed the view of ice in such a way. It must have been a great subject.

    Best Wishes,
    Akhil Khatri

  2. Hi Akhil

    Thanks for you comment!

    Yes it was extremely exiting, the ice was really moving very very fast with a meter in a minute I think.

    The block I tried to smash in front of the door was rock solid and it was really hard to remove, luckily I got help from others on the site.

    - my shovel was totally trashed after that treatment:D

    All the best
    Jesper T.