Exhibition opening Reception

On Friday 23rd September I attended the Exhibition opening Reception at the old Town Hall in Thisted in the North-western part of Jutland. What can I say - its a great exhibition with world-class images from all over the World, some of the images were really jaw-dropping. Great that so many people found their way to this magnificent exhibition; I highly recommend this exhibition to everyone interested in photography as well as nature. The exhibition is part of Nature photo Festival in Thy.

The Exhibition included images by the Danish photographer Uri Golman - artistic images in colour and black & white, from his travels to the arctic world.

At the exhibition images from the Wild Wonders of Europe project were also exhibited, with beautiful images from the missions to Denmark and Greenland. At the reception I said a few words about this great project, being the only Danish photographer in the team.

The Exhibition Water Portraits is a visual journey which guides the visitor from the contemplation of the almost spherical shape of a water drop to the majesty of the Victoria Falls, in Africa, from the morning dew in the city's gardens to the rainbow on the Brazilian Iguacù Falls, from the Estonian rivers turbulent waters to the Greenland icebergs discovering what is beyond. Exploring 6 different themes (Water drops, Waterfalls, Iceberg, Water as Life, as Science, as Art), WATER PORTRAITS is a tribute to the beauty and the various changeable shapes of Water.

The old Town Hall in Thisted, Denmark

The exhibition opening

Uri Golman

Wild Wonders of Europe

Water Portraits

The exhibition can be seen from September 23rd until October 9th 2011.

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