Image of the Month - AUGUST 2011

Geese, Vejlerne nature reserve, Denmark

The month of August has been an uninspiring cup of tea, the weather gave quite a bit of rain, but there were also some good days in between. I did not find the time to get out much, so I have to admit that this image is made on the first day of September, better late than never, right?.

The nature reserve Vejlerne in the north-western part of Jutland covers about 6000 hectares, 1/3 are open grazed meadows, 1/3 are reed beds and 1/3 is open water. Today Vejlerne has the largest Danish breeding population of, among others, the greylag goose (over 1200 pairs) and in the autumn Bygholm meadow is the largest Danish resting place for cranes.

We saw cranes and many other birds, but the dominating birds were definitely geese, they were everywhere and you could hear them from a distance. I was lacking the tele-power and decided to concentrate my effort into getting a photograph of a formation of flying geese. I did get this image and during the digital post-process I decided to turn it into black and white to express the graphic value of the photo.

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR ED, TC-14E II, iso 200, tripod)

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