Lecture and Exhibition

After the Exhibition opening Reception at the old Town Hall in Thisted, the Nature photo Festival in Thy moved on to another location, not far from the west coast.

The base was Vigsø feriecenter, South-west of Hanstholm, located near the west coast and in the wild nature, you have a view as far the eye can see and hear the roar of the waves and winds whistling. Not far to the South is Thy National Park, with its 24,370 hectares, stretching for an up to 12 km wide belt along the west coast from Agger to Hanstholm. The National Park includes coastal,dunes and lakes - a perfect location for the Festival.

The main event of the evening was of course a Lecture by Uri Golman, Wild North - Photographic Stories from the North, which is his latest project. How is it to work in -35 degree cold weather conditions about 400 km. north of the Arctic Circle searching for polar bears? - the joy and challenges of traveling around the Arctic summer and winter in search of good stories.

Lecture by Uri Golman - Wild North - Photographic Stories from the North.

It was a new show from him and he impressed everybody with his great images of snow, ice and Arctic animals, photographed in extreme conditions. We also followed Uri Golman when he was one of the first photographers, to reach the outbreak of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland in 2010, and heard about how he got his winning shot of a helicopter flying close by the exploding lava.

Oh boy, that man could talk for hours, but I never got tired about hearing his stories and he also showed the "behind the scenes" being an professional nature photographer with a family, I think it was a great show - Thanks Uri.

Uri Golman is a member in ILCP (International League of Conservation Photographers).

In the conference room there were some very interesting exhibitions by local and invited photographers and artists, including a friend of mine Jon Detlefsen showing some of his great images from Yellow Stone National Park, USA.

The Festival and its events continued until Sunday, unfortunately I could not stay that long and had to drive home the following night. I had a great time and I'm really looking forward to the Festival in Thy next year.

Jon Detlefsen and his exhibition with images from Yellow Stone National Park, USA.

You can also read a festival review by Jon Detlefsen


  1. Hi Jesper,

    Thank you for the nice words ;) It was great to see you and to discuss photography for a whole evening. Hope we can do it again sometime soon. Remember, if you are ever around Milano, just give me a call.

    See you,


  2. Hi Uri

    You're welcome! it was nice to meet and talk photography for a whole evening :) - would have been nice to have more time talking with you.

    Your lecture was really entertaining - oh I miss the Wild so much, the cold Arctic mountains needs a visit from me this winter!

    That would be nice to visit Italy with my little Fiat ;)

    See you

    Jesper T.