Testing a new Tool - Part 2

I love to photograph backlit landscapes and my experience so far with the Nikon AFS 35mm 1,4G lens is very good indeed. Shooting into the sun is a breeze with this lens, with no ghosting and a minimum amount of flare with the sun in the frame; and as an extra bonus you get a beautiful star-effect at small apertures.

After shooting with this lens this past weekend I have experienced a few problems when shooting into the sun and the first problem is the autofocus, that sometimes is having a hard time to "lock on" and therefore I had to focus manually on the few occasions I experienced that. The second problem is when the sun is just outside the frame, the lens will get some flare problems, but I never shoot that way and therefore its not that big a problem in my view, just something to avoid.

Fern and wilderness, Alstrup Krat, Mariager, Denmark
(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 35mm 1,4G, iso 640, f/11, handheld)

Railroad, Volkmølle, Denmark
(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 35mm 1,4G, iso 320, f/11, handheld)

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