Dead on the beach

When you're walking on the beach, you may likely find dead birds along your walk. I photographed this dead male Common Eider at Pakhusbugten on the island of Anholt this past summer. The bird is likely dead of complications after an oil-spill or illness; it's hard to tell, but to me it was an opportunity to get a good foreground on the empty beach.

Dead male Common Eider, Pakhusbugten, Anholt, Denmark
(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 16-35mm 4,0 VR ED, iso 200, handheld)

Bird skeleton, Nordstrand, Anholt, Denmark
(Nikon D700, Carl Zeiss ZF.2 50mm 2,0 T* Makro-Planar, iso 200, handheld)