I would like to thank all of my customers, visitors and friends for your continued support throughout 2011 and to wish you all a Happy, Successful New Year!

2011 has been an extremely exciting and busy year for me, I have been inspired by nature like never before and I have made great images of Danish landscapes, although the time for photography has been limited. In February I had my first photo trip to Råbjerg Mile near Skagen in the northern part of Denmark. I have always been fascinated and inspired by extreme landscapes and the migrating coastal dune of Råbjerg Mile is such a place. 

In early May I had my third photo trip to Bulbjerg, the only bird cliff in Denmark. Later that month I had two weeks in isolation on the Danish Island of Anholt, almost cut off from the rest of the world without internet and TV in complete silence and harmony only disturbed by a royal visit, birdsong and the sound of the wind blowing in the pine trees outside the summerhouse. In June I was completely obsessed to get the best images of details and landscapes at the great dune of Råbjerg Mile and got a diverse collection of images with beautiful light, strong compositions in this extraordinary landscape. 

During the year my images has appeared in international exhibitions, magazines, books and 3 of my images were used in the 2012 calendar by the leading Danish organization in conservation of Nature. In the 21th edition of the Spanish Mountain photography Competition: Memorial María Luisa, my image of "Soft-ice at Abisko River in Sweden", made me a Finalist in the category "Mountain and nature in abstract". 

In 2011 the Danish Society for Nature Conservation was celebrating its 100 year anniversary as an green organization and they had a competition and I won the 2. place and I'm mighty proud that 5 out of 50 images in the competition/exhibition were my photos. Danmark Dejligst (Denmark's most lovely) - 100 protected areas in Denmark, a new book and the following outdoor exhibition included a number of my images too!.

In March my work was shown at the World Environmental Photograph Exhibition in Japan by  The IEPA - "Photographers who love the earth". The Wild Wonders of Europe exhibitions in Copenhagen and Aalborg were also a great showcase for a few of my images and I'm looking forward to another exciting Year; my blog and website will be updated with more high quality content regularly. 

2011 has been the year where Jesper Tønning Photography got out to a broader audience and can now be found on different Social Networks like Facebook, Google+ and recently Whytake - the first Social Network dedicated exclusively to Nature Photographers. My blog also got a facelift after a year on-line, it’s been more than a year since I've created my blog and the facelift was more a nudge than a top-to-bottom refit!.

Thank you for following my ongoing adventures in photography, be sure to check out my website and blog and feel free to comment or post questions!

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