Theme: Midwinter in Lapland - Part 1

Almost two years has gone since my last trip to Sub-Arctic Lapland in the northern part of Sweden. I have a bad conscience because I have not had the time to process the images and tell some of the stories from that trip. The theme on my blog the following weeks are therefore Midwinter in Lapland, I will make posts for my own sake and show great images from the magical Northern Scandinavia. During that week my brother and I experienced snowstorms, Northern Lights, magic full moon nights, bitterly cold with temperature at minus 35° Celsius and the return of the sun - so stay tuned if you like winter images.

Two years has passed since my last winter journey to Swedish Lapland in the Northern part of Scandinavia. In the years: 2000, 2001 and 2003 I spent ten weeks on different locations in Lapland during January and the first weeks of February. Since then I've had a lot of other projects to do, and it has been hard to find the time to get back to the magical Northern Midwinter Wilderness.

In 2010 I spent ten days making a new portfolio on one of the oldest National Parks in Europe; Abisko National Park established in 1909. Why do I want to go back to this cold place at this time of the year, you might ask; the answer is really simple - the quality of the light and the various landscapes located in a small area. Midwinter in Lapland is dominated by a deep blue light and in February the sun gain time every day, bringing a warm tone to the cold scene. In the evenings the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen on a clear star filled night sky.

The first day in Abisko, we were welcomed by a fierce snowstorm 

The day after the snowstorm

The wind almost turned the skin to leather, so we had to barricade the window

Photographing at the frozen Abisko River

Waiting for Northern Lights - freezing my ass off!!!

A favourite motif of mine!  

 Hiking at the shores of lake Torneträsk

Lapporten "The Lapponian Gate"

 The first Sunlight in Abisko National Park

 Photographing the western part of Abisko National park

 Hoarfrost at minus 30° Celsius

February Sun

 The frozen snow was making hiking easy

Wolf track

 Making a panorama image

 My brother in heavy snowfall

The last few days the weather changed, with winds from west 

Thaw at Abisko Canyon

Photographing the thaw at Abisko Canyon

The "ASS" at Abisko - Aurora Sky Station - A great tourist attraction 

All images: (Canon Powershot G10)


  1. Hi Jesper
    I believe you almost have been freezing your ass off ... but you got some pictures!
    Best regards
    Ole Banke