Theme: Midwinter in Lapland - Part 2

Day 1 - The day of arrival 
We arrived with the train at noon on January 29 2010. A fierce snowstorm was raging and it was bitterly cold, but I like it that way. I have visited Abisko National Park almost 15 times since 1993, so I know the area very well and I keep coming back to this amazing place in all seasons, year after year.

In the afternoon we went out, the daylight was very limited and we only had a few hours with light to work with. Soon I ran into problems with one of my lenses, my PC-E 45/2,8 ED micro Nikkor was malfunctioning, because the electronic aperture could not handle the cold and as a result I only got extremely overexposed images. The lens simply could not handle the cold and I did not use it much for the rest of the trip, my PC-E 24/3,5 and 85/2,8 lenses did not have that problem, despite the extreme cold and the same electronic aperture mechanism.

Abisko Canyon in black and white I

 Abisko Canyon in black and white II

Twilight, Abisko Canyon

Extreme Wind Chill Factor
The weather in Abisko National Park is very local and it is one of the driest places in Sweden, after a day with overcast weather with snowfall. Suddenly, in the evening the weather cleared and the full moon light lit up the landscape. It was extremely cold with minus 30° Celsius and a blowing wind from the east - a wind chill factor at about minus 55° Celsius and as a result, my camera used 6 batteries that evening, my Nikon D700 was simply "ice-cubed" - that's an experience to remember!.

Winter Storm at Abisko Canyon

The frozen Abisko River in full moon light

The frozen Abisko River in full moon light

 Abisko Canyon lit up by the Moon

Ice Formations lit up by the Moon, Lake Torneträsk

 Snow Formations lit up by the Moon at Lake Torneträsk

Black and White: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 45mm 2,8 ED micro, iso 200, tripod)

Twilight: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 24mm 3,5, iso 400, tripod)

Fullmoon light images: (Nikon D700, Nikkor 14-24mm 2,8 ED, iso 800, tripod)

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