Theme: Midwinter in Lapland - Part 4

Day 3 - Photographing the frozen river and lake Torneträsk
The weather on day three was almost clear and very cold indeed. I decided to make images of ice patterns, formations and surfaces along the Abisko river and at the shores of lake Torneträsk. We were out most of the afternoon and I managed to make a great collection of ice images, the last photos of the day are my favourites, I really like the pastel colours and ice patterns on those shots. A weather-front turned the clear sky into a cloudy mess in the evening, so no Northern lights or star images, that evening.   

Image 1,2: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 45mm 2,8 ED micro, iso 200, tripod)

Image 3,4,5,8,11,12,13: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 24mm 3,5, iso 200, tripod)

Image 9: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 85mm 2,8 micro, iso 200, tripod)

Image 6,7,10: (Nikon D700, Nikkor 14-24mm 2,8 ED, iso 200, tripod)

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