Theme: Midwinter in Lapland - Part 5

Day 4 - Beyond cold weather
No wind chill on day four! but honestly, it was beyond cold outside and my nose froze to my camera, well okay, I'm just kidding about my nose, but it was frostbite in the air, that day!. The clear weather without wind was an beautiful experience, but you could not stand still on the same spot for more than 5 minutes, it was really that cold. How about handling the equipment, well you know Nikon is up for the task and I had almost no problems using my camera and lenses in such a climate, only my PC-E 45/2,8 micro Nikkor lens malfunctioned because of an frozen aperture. All the buttons and controls on my D700 are glove friendly and this camera just keep working, when my fingers will not!. Later in the evening the sky exploded in northern lights, so stay tuned and be ready for my next post on the blog.

Image 1,6,7: (Nikon D700, Nikkor 14-24mm 2,8 ED, iso 200, tripod)

Image 2,3: (Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 85mm 2,8 micro, iso 200, tripod)

Image 4,5: (Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 105mm 2,8 VR ED Micro, iso 200, tripod)

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