Theme: The Siberian Winter Attack - Part 1

About three weeks ago, the winter arrived in Denmark after a long period with autumn like weather conditions. Denmark faced a sudden shivering end to the exceptionally warm late autumn/winter with temperatures plunging towards Siberian levels.

Winter weather arrived with a vengeance with temperatures well below zero for almost three weeks, a bitterly cold February with thermometers falling at least as low as -23C, a nature photographers dream came true. In January I had a light depression, because of the lacking winter weather, but the recent weeks changed that, but it has been hard work. I have decided to share my best images from this exciting period on my blog, many of the images are made on my way to my day-work, but I had a few days dedicated to outdoor life and my favourite hobby, making pictures.

I will not show my images in a chronological way, but rather make collections of images that work together, from the past weeks. So stay tuned and follow my blog if you like winter images.

Photographing at Store Blåkilde near Rold, on an extremely cold day in February (self-portrait)

Photographing in Vejlerne Nature reserve. Image by GERICHE IMAGES

Photographing at Limfjorden and Bulbjerg. Images 3,4,5 by Preben Widtfeldt Andersen  

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