Evening Light at Råbjerg Mile

Yesterday I received the new issue of the the magazine Natur og Miljø from The Danish Society for Nature Conservation and one of my images was in the gallery. I have added this text to Spotlight on my website, but here it is on my blog too.

I am sure that most Danes know of Europe's largest dune, located close to Skagen in the northern part of Jutland. Last winter I visited the dune in February and walked it criss-cross for a week or so. My goal was to create landscape images in this exciting environment - a huge playground for kids of all ages!.

Råbjerg Mile is in the middle of a magnificent and varied landscape that is constantly changing along with the dune that is pounding down everything in its path. The place is full of magic, especially in winter when there are not many people out in the inhospitable environment.

The sand at Råbjerg Mile is sprinkled with "stardust" or rather heavy sand, which gives a varied patterns and in some places a beautiful surface that resembles marble.

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation
Online: Natur og Miljø - Magazine Gallery: issue 1, 2012 (Denmark) 

(Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 24mm 3,5 ED, iso 200, ND graduated filter, tripod)

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