Theme: The Siberian Winter Attack - Part 11

I'm still working with the images I made back in February. This collection will be one of the last series from  that period of winter; they are all made on Djursland not far from my home. My main interest for this area is the Mols Bjerge National Park that was established a few years ago and I think you´ll find the some of the finest scenic-views in Denmark, especially from Agri Bavnehøj, Trehøje and Jernhatten - the panorama views from those hill-tops are simply magnificent. The first seven images are photographed from another hill called Ellemandsbjerg on Helgenæs (not part of the park, because of resistance from farmers in the area!)

Mols Bjerge means Mols Mountains which rightly describes the location of this new national park. Situated on a rolling and hilly area on the Djursland peninsula, the Mols Bjerge covers an area of around 180 kilometers of farmland, heaths, forests and coastal plain.

This collection is photographed at Trehøje Mols Bjerge N.P. and Helgenæs on February 10, 2012

(Equipment used: Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 85/2,8 micro, VR 300/2,8, TC-14E II, tripod)


  1. the one of the road is my favorite. they are all awesome!!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Shelley, yes it was a very giving day in the Danish countryside. The runner/road picture is also one of my favourites!