Barnacle Geese in black & white

This image shows a big swarm of Barnacle Geese (Branta leucopsis) flying overhead and landing on a nearby field. They flies in packs and long lines, with a noisy chorus of barking or yapping sounds; the spectacle of migration is a great experience, seeing the large formations of geese as silhouettes against the evening sky was quite an impressive sight. The very photographic Barnacle Goose has a white face and black head, neck, and upper breast. Its belly is white. The wings and its back are silver-gray with black-and-white bars that look like they are shining when the light reflects on it - perfect for black & white.

Barnacle Geese, Vejlerne nature reserve, Denmark

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR ED, TC-14E II, iso 400, handheld)

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