Image of the Month - MARCH 2012

Willow tree in full flower, Assentoft, Denmark

I photographed this willow tree in full flower in late March on a meadow near my home, a tree like this can really light up a hedgerow and is an important source of nectar and pollen for the first insects that emerge in spring. The male flowering catkin on a willow tree is blooming for a few days and they are very beautiful to photograph while flowering. A catkin is a strand of tiny uni-sexual flowers, blooming on many species of trees like the willow tree. I decided to shoot against the evening sun, to create more drama with a backlit tree, I photographed handheld with one hand and used the other hand to shade for the low sunlight, I used spot metering on the flowers to avoid overexposure. I really like the effect and simple composition of this image, in March the summertime begins and that means more time in the evening to be out.    

(Nikon D700, Nikkor VR 70-200mm 2,8G II, TC-14E II, iso 200, handheld)

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