Nikon AFS 28mm f/1.8G Announced

Today, a new affordable FX "gold-ringed" Nikkor lens saw the light of day, it was announced together the the new 24MP Nikon D3200 entry DX-SLR camera. What's so special about this lens ? well first of all this fast f/1,8 wide-angle lens is priced very aggressively at more than half the price of the Nikkor 24/1,4 lens and the weight of only 330 gram makes this new lens almost feather light and half the weight of my AF-S 35/1,4 Nikkor lens. The lens has Nano Crystal Coat to reduce ghost and flare like all other modern professional lenses from Nikon.

For about 10 years my favourite wide-angel lens was the Nikkor 28/2,8 lens, which I used for landscapes and as a light and compact travel-companion, that was before the digital-age and I sometimes miss the simplicity of the lenses of that time. Will I buy this lens ? maybe I will!, I want to see reviews first, not that I think this lens is not a stellar performer I'm sure it is; Nikon says  it is an ideal companion for the new "pixel-monster" Nikon D800 and I think that says it all!, but I own several wide lenses including Nikkor PC-E 24/3,5, 35/1,4G and VR 16-35/4G, which are all great performers. I will buy the new lens simply because of the affordable price and the low weight, the only down side of the lens as I see it is the 7-blade diaphragm compared with 9-blades of the "super expensive" pro lenses, but I can live with that for landscapes and light travel. Kudos to Nikon - they have made a Winner, but where is the compact 20mm f/1,8 lens or the up-to date VR 200mm 1:1 macro lens ?.   

Availability: The AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f/1.8G lens will be available at the end of May 2012. Spec.

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