Gold Award to Nikon D800

Today, I've just ordered "the unobtainable and super-hyped" Nikon D800 camera. For sometime now, I have been convinced that this would be my next camera, although I'm still very happy with my D700, which I've had for three and a half years, but now I would really like to work with video and high-res. stills for exhibitions.

What I really like about this camera is its versatility with different crop modes: 15.3MP DX-format and 25MP 1.2x Crop mode and ultra high FX resolution plus exceptional DR dynamic range for landscapes and I don't need much schooling, being used to the D700. The new D800 is a "game-changer" and the sensor is really revolutionary, for a low priced professional D-SLR with killer features.

I'm not a sports-shooter with the need of high frame-rates, so this baby is great for my kind of photography and in near future I will need its high resolution for exhibitions and other stuff - now I just have to wait and wait and wait, maybe it will be my Christmas present this year :D. 

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