Autumn Wind - Part 3

Autumn Wind, Madum Sø, Himmerland, Denmark
The world of long exposures is one hidden to the human eye, a world that can reveal amazing visual scenes, when the movement of dynamic elements are smeared across an image, like on this one. 

Due to the minimum light sensitivity of cameras, we can only capture long exposures in natural light when the sun isn’t out. 

That’s why there are super strong ND filters like the Lee big stopper and others. These are simply very dark glass filters, designed to allow only a fraction of the available light through, allowing the photographer to take much longer exposures in bright light. 

The main challenge in the design of these filters is to make them colour neutral. It’s very hard to dye the glass so dark without affecting it’s colour balance. 
The Lee big stopper filter does have a blue cast, so you have to set the white-balance much higher than normal, personally I preset it to 7690 Kelvin and that eliminate the colour cast.

(Nikon D700, Nikkor PC-E 24mm 3,5 ED, Lee Big Stopper filter, iso 200, tripod, 10 sec. exposure)

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