Fotofestival day: Two - Lectures

After the dawn-patrol at lake Nors in Thy Nationalpark on Saturday 29th of September, it was time for inspiring lectures by a handful Scandinavian photographers and the Danish philosopher Jes Harfeld. Lectures by Ard Jongsma, Denmark, Roy Mangersnes, Norway, Jan Magnus Reneflot, Norway, Brutus Östling, Sweden and last but not least, a jaw-dropping slide-show by Swedish photographer Magnus Persson and Tobias Dahlin - all in all a very inspiring afternoon and evening. 

The founder of fotofestival Carsten Krog Pedersen

The fotofestival entrance, ticket office and book store

Lecture by photographer Ard Jungsma

Lecture by photographer Ard Jongsma

Lecture by Ard Jongsma - showing a lot of enthusiasm

Lecture by Jes Harfeld, talking about ethics of human enhancement and animal ethics

Philosopher Jes Harfeld, talking about ethics

Lecture by Roy Mangersnes NN

What a stunning likeness! Jan Magnus Reneflot NN

Danish hotshot photographers Jens Kristian Kjærsgaard and Carsten Engvang

Carsten Engvang and Jon Detlefsen

Bird photographer Brutus Östling from Swenden

Lecture by Brutus Östling

Award ceremony

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