Fotofestival day: Zero

On Thursday 27th of September, photographers exhibiting at the old town-hall in Thisted meet each other for the first time. It was day zero on this years fotofestival in Thy, Denmark. This post contain pictures from the first day, getting our exhibition ready for public and some from our spare-time in the evening. I will show more images from fotofestival 2012 in the coming posts.

Jan Magnus Reneflot NN and his graphic images printed on textile 

Roy Mangersnes NN getting ready for his exhibition with outstanding images from the Arctic World

Yours truly and some of my images - photographed by Roy Mangersnes NN

Bjørn-Egil Brekke and his shadow, Vigsø beach

Shadow and Rolf Støa NN photographing the evening light at Vigsø beach

German WW2 fortifications and Rolf Støa NN, Vigsø beach

Yes, that's me! photographed by Jon Detlefsen

Jon Detlefsen photographing the dramatic evening light at Vigsø

Dramatic clouds at dusk, Vigsø

After the photo session on the beach it was dinner time and Carsten Krog Pedersen made a delicious stew and in the evening we had a great time together with the Norwegian photographers; wine, beers and porse-Schnapps were also on the menu - that's the way to get Norwegian friends!!!.  


  1. Great, Jesper! Such a great day very well illustrated - it sure was a fine evening at the beach, and you've beautifully captured the mood!

  2. Thank you Jon, beautiful light, landscapes and models can't go wrong ;-)