Shallow depth of field Landscapes

By stepping outside the everything-sharp genre you can create a different look to your landscapes. Most landscape photos are made by using a small aperture to make everything in the frame sharp, landscape images with pin-sharp details everywhere creates an almost 2D effect, but by using a large aperture lens you can benefit from its isolating power. On this collection I have used a bright 35/1,4 lens and only stopped down a bit, to create a shallow depth of field and 3D effect. It’s a rather pleasing artistic way of drawing our attention to one subject. Normally I use telephoto lenses to create "bokeh" out-of-focus backgrounds, but my 35/1,4 lens "draws" pretty well indeed! - a lot of photographers (like myself) are addicted to "bokeh".

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 35/1,4 at f/2,8, iso 200-400, handheld)

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