Spectacular scenery 'being wrecked by giant wind turbine!!!

One big ugly wind turbine have destroyed the view from Bulbjerg and now the wild feeling is gone!. This new experimental wind turbine is only the first at the newly established test-centre at Østerild in the north-western part of Denmark. Stretching clear of the horizon, this new wind turbine is 197 metres high with world record 75 metres wings with a total wingspan of 154 metres - the same as three football fields. The tranquillity of the landscape has gone and flashing strobe aviation lights turn the wilderness into a city of lights at night. Transmission towers and lines string across the countryside like a giant spider web is not a pretty sight!. In the coming years, extreme wind turbines up to 250 metres will rise and destroy this once so great scenic landscape.

The first Siemens MW6 wind turbine at Østerild, view from Bulbjerg, Denmark

(Nikon D700, Nikkor AFS 300mm 2,8 VR ED, iso 1250, handheld)


  1. I must say I feel your frustration, as this is also a upcomming problem in the norwegian nature. There is a windmill park rather close to one of the locations I like to shoot, and I must say it ruins the feel and also clutter the experience of the view.

  2. Indeed this is very frustrating. And they even plan for bigger wind turbines up to 250 meters... Placing this industrial test facility in the largest, most beautiful and pristine wilderness area in Denmark is nothing less than an outrage! Considering the fact that Denmark is the world’s most agricultural exploited country, and that our nature habitats is small and scattered such a facility should have been placed elsewhere – on farmland and not in one of very few remaining habitats of wild nature!