Yesterday, I had my first serious shoot-out with my new ultra-wide lens. Carl Zeiss T* 21/2,8 Distagon will soon become one of my favourite lenses, not only does it ooze quality and it has a great precision feel, but optically its a top performer too.

Browsing the RAW files made with this lens I soon recognized the Zeiss fingerprint and something I have come to expect of a Zeiss lens. It has "bite" or micro-contrast, making the images look crisp and full of detail, compared with my Nikkor PC-E 24/3,5 ED, the 21mm does show more detail; so everything I have read about this lens is true!

...I will make a review of the lens, sometime in the future, so stay tuned.    

Silhouettes, Rebild Hills, Himmerland, Denmark

(Nikon D700, Carl Zeiss T* 21/2,8 Distagon, iso 200, handheld)


  1. Hi Jesper, nice shots and congrats to your new gem.

    Best regards, Alex S.

    1. Thank you Alex for your comment, you know I love Zeiss lenses, it is nice to have a real tool in the hands, not a modern plastic lens with a crappy manual focus feeling to it. German engineering and Japanese perfection is the way to go!!!