Ghost Trees

Last Sunday, I was walking in the forest during a fierce snowstorm, the trees in the dark forest, became your friends because they gave shelter from the harsh winds; imagine the sound of the wind in the treetops!. The friendly tree trunks looked like ghosts in the darkening forest, one side white by the snow and the other dark. In black and white the forest has a spooky feel to it and I was drawn to this scene by the simplicity of the subject. Perfect lines, the contrast between dark and light I made a quick sketch, not by a pencil, but with my camera, the effect looks like brushed steel.     

(Nikon D700, Nikkor VR 70-200/2,8 II, iso 800, handheld)


  1. Love these ones. The first image is pure art - clean, graphic simplicity, yet very, very moody and a dark and mysterious atmosphere. Great work, Jesper!

    1. Thank you Jon, no doubt that the first image is pure art and I think it is one of the best images of this kind, I have made to date!

    2. Thank you for your comment Satya, much appreciated!