Image of the Month - FEBRUARY 2014

Snowdrop and bonfire, Kastbjerg, Denmark

Spring is approaching and after a mild winter, the birds are already singing and plants are awaking after a long sleep. I made this image late in the month, I was having a bonfire in the garden and I suddenly realized that I could use the glow of the fire to create an interesting background in the fading light. The backyard is white of Snowdrop flowers emerging from the ground, I did not have a macro lens with me, but I managed to get close enough with my short portrait telephoto lens. I like the warm glow in contrast to the cool flowers in the twilight, there were spring in the air, the smell of vegetation is a sure indicator of a new season. 

(Nikon D610, Nikkor AF-S 85mm 1,8G, iso 400, handheld)

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