Flames in the Sky

We have already passed Summer Solstice a few days ago, the days are getting shorter now, it is already mid-summer, but the Scandinavian summer night is still bright and inviting for outdoor activities. I photographed these feather clouds today, on this beautiful Sankt Hans afternoon; the clouds were so appealing to photograph and I decided to make the final image in black and white.

(Nikon D610, Zeiss T* 50mm 2,0 Makro-Planar, iso 100, pol-filter, handheld)

Sankt Hans
In the Scandinavian countries on the evening of June 23, we have a tradition called Sankt Hans, short for Saint Johannes, the tradition is to gather around a large fire, in which there is a witch burning. The witch is represented by a doll, often made by the children, wearing old clothes and having an evil look. This evening is a large celebration, often enjoyed together with drinking and festiveness for the whole town. (Wikipedia)

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