A Silent Year on the Blog

Well, after a lengthy silence and period of apparent inactivity, it seems appropriate to post a collection of images, letting the world know, that I've actually been out doing some photography in 2016.

I have been thinking a lot, about what to do with my photography, blog and website, and I've been very close to deleting this blog, but decided to keep it, after all. I have simplified my social sites and now I will concentrate my spare time, on photography, like in the old times. 

This set of Whooper Swan images, are photographed, during a 14 second sequence, last Thursday. (The last image, is made twelve minutes later!.) I decided to make the collection in black and white, to make the images more graphic - the white, majestic birds, in their environment near Mariager Fjord.

I will update my blog, frequently in the future, and show images from the past year... so stay tuned!!! 

(Nikon D750, Nikkor PF 300/4 VR, Nikon TC-14EIII, auto iso, handheld)


  1. Hi,

    Glad to see activity on your blog. Your photography is wonderful and inspiring so please keep on sharing.

    1. Hi, Raed

      I'm happy for your comment and glad that you like my images and blog. My blog is still alive, but it is hard to find time to update it as much as I would like to do. Stay tuned... all the best! Jesper T.